Common Misunderstanding Men Makes About Sex Toys

Many couples in life already use sex toys to increase the fun in bed. But there are also some misunderstandings about sex toys. This article will remove the men’s general misunderstanding about sex toys.

Sex toys i like to play with

Sex toys I like to play with.

1. Having a good sex life – I don’t need sex toys

Nothing is perfect, right? Sex is always better. Another way to look at it is if you like chocolate ice cream. If you eat every meal for a month, will you get bored? Most of us. The same goes for sex. If you and your partner have sex the same way every time they make love,  it’s boring.

Why not replace it with sex toys and sex toys? Try it — you don’t need to like sex toys, but you’ll never know unless you try.

2. It’s dangerous to use sex toys

Wrong! In fact, sex toys have a very positive effect on sexual health.

For women, they can use kegel[¹] to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles or a geisha ball. Many doctors and therapists recommend female sex toys to women who struggle to reach orgasm.

For men, prostate massages can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and frequent night urination. A penis ring is a good tool for premature ejaculation.

Sex and orgasm help you live longer, block pain and make you feel relaxed. If adult toys can help you, why don’t you use them?

3. My partner likes sex toys more than me?

Many men worry that their female lover will enjoy sex toys more than him. While these concerns are justified, they are based solely on natural insecurity. Sex toys will never replace the natural need for human touch.

About 75 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. The reality is that men can’t replicate the function of a toy. Sometimes, men’s fingers or tongue feel tired, or they can’t get the right speed or proper pressure. This is not a competition between a man and a sex toy, an inanimate object. Sex toys can never replace human contact or emotional connection. Sex toys are objects, and objects cannot replace intimacy. So, they help her reach orgasm or give her a better orgasm, but nothing can replace the satisfaction and joy of being intimate with the person you love.

4. Will my partner become addicted to sex toys?

“One can be addicted to drugs or gambling, not sex toys.” It’s true. She may be used to her toys and like it. If so, your partner will get used to the stimulation, and they won’t want other types of stimulation. That’s why you’re here: show your partner that other kinds of stimulation are just as good as sex toys. As long as you work hard, you will succeed!

5. Sex toys are only for masturbation

Although adult toys are often used for masturbation, many couples like to play with sex toys, gay or straight. Couples who use adult products together are open and comfortable trying new things. Sex toys are a great way to try this experience together.

Introduce these products into your bedroom and introduce them to your partner. Your lover will appreciate your efforts to ensure that they will be happy with you or your sex toys. A great lover is a caring, honest and vulnerable person. This is you, right?

Increase intimacy and add fun to your relationship.



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