Common Misunderstanding Men Makes About Sex Toys

Common Misunderstanding Men Makes About Sex Toys

Many couples in life already use sex toys to increase the fun in bed. But there are also some misunderstandings about sex toys. This article will remove the men’s general misunderstanding about sex toys.


Does Weight Plays a Role in the Bedroom

Does Weight Plays a Role in the Bedroom

Being overweight or obese can put a damper on things in the bedroom. Whether you’ve always been heavy or have just put on weight over the years, you may notice that your sex life is going downhill. A recent study of moderately to severely obese people, published in the “Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy,” found that these men and women reported being less satisfied than the general population.


Some tips for erotic romance novel writers

7 ultimate tips for erotic romance novel writers

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I found these tips on the WordPress blog (see the link above). Not really anything revolutionary but something I like my boss to read it. We are in a hobby/part-time project where we do Sexy Visual Novels and/or Porn Games, whatever you like to call them. My boss just like to do them like a short clip on PornHub – full action in a few minutes. Continue reading “Some tips for erotic romance novel writers”

Visual Novel Review — The Lily Garden

Length: Short (3 – 5 hours) Lewdness: 3/3 (Lewd – Gratuitous Nudity, Explicit Scenes) with 18+ patch Price: 9.99 USD Summary: Tired of her current job, the asocial Nekohime is convinced by Clover, a bubbly girl who happens to be Nekohime’s best friend, and Suki, a mischievous bad girl who recently moved into their apartment, to create a visual […]

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